Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Record Catfish Caught On a Fly!

Here Kitty Cat!

It was one of the mornings that I had to get out and fish. Work has been well so I thought I would go in late after making some casts. I picked a local pond I know well and have fished for a number of years now.

What I didn't expect was to catch a number of fish so easily since it typically fishes off and on here. The morning started with a smallmouth bass on a crayfish pattern than turned to some eager trout, which I will be honest, I had no idea they had them in here.

Than came the moment, the moment when most of us as fly fisherman think about when fishing local ponds, a bite that would take you by surprise!

The tug that would change everything. I was actually casting to a few smallmouth bass when I got hit, hit hard by something. I thought it was actually a carp when it grabbed it and I saw a flash however when it didn't bolt like a permit, I knew it was something else.

After many attempts to land her as well as assistance from some friends, I was able to end this 20 minute fight on my 5 weight rod and 6lb tippet!

Al in all she went 41 1/2 and weighed 30+lbs pushing my record by 15lbs for the biggest cat I've ever caught on a fly. What a morning and what fish!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Time For a Move!

It's Time!

Sorry I haven't been posting much at all lately, busy time packing and moving to our new Casa! Moma wanted a bigger yard for the kids to play in and I wanted more space for my fishing equipment so we made the move to another house here in South Denver's Burbs.

Our yard seems like a 1/2 acre so ample time to yard work but also think about putting in that trout stream I've always wanted in the backyard.

Just kidding but my kids and I will soon enjoy plenty of playtime in the yard as well as my man cave come football season! Boy am I in need of a much needed vacation or at the very least, a weekend fishing at any waterhole this guy will not discriminate at all.

2 Months of packing, selling stuff, painting walls, too many round trips to count and getting the cable hooked up after some delays the cable is hooked up and this guy is headed straight to the hot tub for some chill time!

See you on the water soon...

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Strategies and Safety for Fly Fishing During Runoff

On top of an already adequate snowpack and rising waters around Colorado this May, we just received a week of heavy rain and snow across the state. Rivers in many places are already high, and things might stay this way for a while.

This time of year, we hear too many people say things like, “Well, looks like fishing is done for a while.” Sure, runoff is here and things may not get back to “normal” until sometime in June. In addition to some great tailwaters that offer year-round fishing, many freestone streams can be fished effectively during runoff. While the strategies change, there is still great fly fishing to be had.

As runoff takes hold, here are a few strategies to remember on the water.

First, stay out of the water. This is both a safety tip and a fishing tip. Unless you need to cross, there’s little need to be in the water. When flows are high, trout will be pushed to the banks. As soon as you set foot in the water, you may be standing right where you should be fishing.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

What Kind Of Meat.. Bolivian .Amazon Fly Fishing Adventure

What kind of Meat? from The Provo Bros on Vimeo.

A fly-fishing journey to the Bolivian Amazon. We wanted to experience the rawness of the jungle in the richest ecosystem on earth, to have a primordial connection with nature that for us, is best achieved through exploration with a fly rod. Our Tsimané guides brought us into their jungle, back in time to a lost world of primitive living, giving us the opportunity to catch a Golden Dorado, one of the most possessed fish that swims. The Amazon wilderness holds many mysteries, but we found out for ourselves that the real treasures of the jungle live beneath the canopy, and swim through its pristine rivers. From the lowland tropics to the high altitudes of the Cordillera, our fly-fishing trip became more of a lesson in the immense diversity of Bolivia's landscapes and people. We invested everything we had, but came home feeling rich with new knowledge and experiences that are now priceless.

If you're interested in an expedition style fly-fishing trip to the headwaters of the Bolivian Amazon, you must contact our friends Patrick Taendler and Federico Marancenbaum from Santa Cruz. They shared with us their passion and enthusiasm for Golden Dorado, and there is no way in hell we could have done it without them!

Caño Negro - Green Forest Lodge

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