Friday, April 22, 2011

The Dream Stream Was Not So Dreamy -Wind Alert!!

Wind In South Park....Get Use To It

You know the day is not looking good when you're headed to the Dream Stream and there is a wind alert. Than again most who fish there know that there is a wind alert 340 days a year so it's nothing new. What's a little unexpected is when you're driving by a few semi's that got knocked over into the ditch hours prior due to the wind.....that's never a good thing!

dreamy88The morning stated off not too bad despite "only" having 20mph winds at 8am. We had the place to ourselves, that was a little strange for even a weekday. Now I know why, the low flows and the annual Cutthroat run was at a dead stop seeing how it never happened this year due to low flows. That's the Drem Stream for ya, you may catch it one out of every 5 days days you hit there based on poor flows, terrible weather, massive crowds and lastly, no runs up from the lake by big fish. That's fishing the Dream Stream. I am more of a lake guy so next time I'll come to my senses and just head straight to the lake with my 7wt to chase some iced off fishees!

dreamy77 We managed a few fish but it was really tough work. I gave up after a few hours and just tried to keep my dog from blowing off in the wind. By the time it reached noon the winds had cranked up to what seemed to be 40mph, never a good idea with 3 flies, an indicator, split shot and 6x....tangles are inevitable. Thank goodness I brought my streamer rod to avert anymore frustration.

The ride home was even worse with 3 more Semi's rolled since we drove past earlier that morning! They closed 285 to tankers for good reason, 5 semi's in ditches and one PT Cruiser was slammed off the hill as well. I think next time we'll check more closely to not only the wind reports but the hurricane like wind advisories!

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

wow that really was some wind! We got 70 mph the other day and tore my backyard up. But high winds in vegas is pretty normal

Stephanie and Dustin said...

So the wind never goes away? Oh lordie.

When did you change your header? I love the new one.


Troutdawg said...

Dustin- 7omph will put a hurting on ya, I'm sure there all that sand/dust aint too fun.

SD-thanks glad you like my new pic! Down there it seems to always be around unfortunately.

Silverking Lodge said...

I hate the wind, its the worst!! Especially trying to fish in it... Glad to see you were safe, those roads and semi's looked scary!