Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fly Fishing With Jeff Currier and Scott Smith

If you ever visit the Jackson Hole area, more times than not you've heard of the names Jeff Currier and Scott Smith. Most Fly Fisherman know the names nationwide without ever visiting the infamous Jack Dennis fly shop where they've spent many a years instructing anglers to big fish!

Scott with a monster 11lb Bow and Jeff with some nice ones

One funny note is that Scott and I got reunited this past year and I got to catch up on one of the Top fly fishing managers in the country running Jack Dennis fly shop. You see I have known this guy for 20 years now! We actually lived and worked in the same spot back in 1992 when we both left the South -me South Georgia, Scott ATL for bigger/better things in Yellowstone.

Jeff Currier in Soulfish

Yep we both worked and lived in Canyon Lodge Yellowstone and got to fish some great water together....those were the days for me. For him they still are the days since he never left!!! One lucky dawg!

I've known Jeff Currier a little bit and always enjoy catching up with him at Fly Fishing shows, talking Carp, trips to Central America or where ever else he's been. Jeff is a one-of-a-kind fisherman. You see Jeff travels the globe in search of another exotic species and this year was no exception with multiple trips to Mexico, Brasil (got flooded out and postponed to 2012, and Madagascar!

I can't wait for a return trip back to Jackson Hole since I visit every few years to hit some of my Fav waters there. That or I may get Jeff to possibly take me out for some Carp since he also is a pure addict.

Whether it's fishing with Scott or Jeff, these guys are as good as it gets! If you head to this region look them up for some outstanding guiding or a Global expedition contact Jeff for some help or one of his many trips.

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