Monday, September 12, 2011

Middle Park Colorado Fall Fishing

Fall Fishing is Oh So Close

With football and work keeping me busy these days, it was time to get out for a day on the water. Weather started out at 40' and warmed to 70', the perfect weather day to be out on the water. PMD'S, BWO'S, Caddis & Blue Quill, they all showed up today to put on a show skating the water.

Boca Dawg also enjoyed herself looking for rising fish and a few dips in the water. Whether it's Delaney Buttes, the Frying Pan or around town, Boca always seems to enjoy herself.

There's no better place than the Gore Range to spend a quality day on the River. Need fish pics? Not going to find it here, today was all about enjoying the day whether I caught 6" rainbows or nothing at all, counting rising fish was much more enjoying than how many numbers filled my net.

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Trout Magee said...

Wow that is great looking country. Watching fish rise, nothing better. Great Pics and thanks for sharing. Tight lines.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks and can't wait to get back up that again soon. Fall in the Rockies, what more could you want!

Anonymous said...

Great looking water and great bug shots!