Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waterproof Cameras Exposed, Take a Look!

Take a Closer Look

It's summer in the northern hemisphere, and no doubt a lot of people reading this will be enjoying the hot weather, planning trips to local beaches and lakes. In our recent group test of compact 'travel zoom' cameras we covered 14 of the most versatile compact cameras currently on the market in terms of zoom range, but maybe some of you want something a little more rugged. Perhaps you want something you can even take into the water, as you take a refreshing dip, or maybe you're the adventurous type, and just want something that you don't need to worry about if it gets dropped or banged against a rock.

That's where waterproof compact cameras come in. Like travel zooms, the waterproof/rugged market has expanded considerably in recent years, and most of the major manufacturers currently offer at least one camera in this class.

The appeal of waterproof compact cameras is obvious - you don't need to worry about protecting them from the weather, they can withstand a bit of rough treatment, and if you take a dip in the water (deliberately or accidentally) they can carry on shooting. The outdoor shot on the left here is from the Pentax WG-1 GPS, and the underwater shot was taken on the Sony Cyber-shot TX10.

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