Monday, March 11, 2013

Fly Fishing The San Juan River Early Spring

The Colder and Snowier the Juan is, The Better it Fishes!

The San Juan River is a fishery that everyone should experience. It is world renowned as one of the greatest tailwater trout fisheries there is. In the top 4 miles of river below the dam, there are over 20,000 fish per mile, averaging 17 inches in length; you couldn't ask for more.

Most of the fish are rainbows but the population of browns seems to be increasing. It is primarily a small fly fishery with size #20 to #26 midges on light tippet being the standard setup. It is quite a thrill to hook and land a large fish on this type of gear. The river is big by New Mexico standards but very easy to wade and, with the density of fish being so great, long casts are not usually necessary. We do both float trips (fishing from a drift boat) and wade trips on the San Juan. Fishing from the boat enables you to fish many spots you are unable to wade to.

Fishing on the San Juan is excellent at any time of year. There are often many other fishermen on the river but because it is so large, you can always find a good spot of your own. The one drawback to fishing the San Juan is that it is not close to anywhere so it makes for a very long daytrip. If you can do it, we would encourage booking at least an overnight trip. We can arrange all inclusive packages to the San Juan that cover all your food, lodging and guides.

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