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Bighorn River September Fly Fishing Tips

Bighorn River September Fishing
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While fall has officially arrived, it certainly doesn’t feel like it out there yet with temp’s in the 80′s today. The river is in the best shape for fall the we have seen in a few years. The emergence of insects have been particularly strong for this stage of the season. If the weather stays consistent we should expect more of the same strong hatches of tricos and pseudos.

The nymph fishing should remain good with small sowbugs, Size 20 & 22 mayfly nymph imitations along with midge pupa. Look for the browns and rainbows to become more aggressive each day towards well fished streamer imitations.

Flowing through the Bighorn Mountains and miles of limestone formations, the Bighorn boasts an incredible insect population which allows and incredible 7,000 trout per river mile to flourish. The Bighorn is a very consistent fishery as a result of the moderating effects that the Yellowtail Dam has on water temperature and flow. High or low water may affect your fishing techniques but not the quality of the fishing.

September is our favorite time on the "Horn" with spectacular hatches of Tricos bringing almost every fish to the surface...and talk about exciting! You haven't lived until you have hooked a 20" trout on 6x tippet with a #18 dry fly. Excellent fishing to the Trico hatch lasts most of the morning with strong caddis hatches going well into the evening. It is an unbelievable sight to see hundreds of feeding fish throughout your three days of floating.

Most of the land surrounding the Bighorn is owned by the Crow Indian Tribe so foot access is limited so the best way to fishing it is by drift boat. Your trip includes five days of floating with local Bighorn guides. All flies on your float trips are supplied and included. We can prepare fly selections in case you would like to be sure that you have the necessities. A small fly shop is located at the cabins for any last minute purchases. Guide Gratuities are not included in the package price.

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