Friday, September 25, 2015

Top Stillwater Fall Lake Fishing

Annual Fall Stillwater Trip

It's about that time to head out with my buddies for our annual Fall fly fishing trip. This trip was started early by me and 5 friends in a large RV were to meet up in a few days for some fun lake fishing.

I got warmed up a few days early to figure out the day/nighttime bite before the guys arrived. It wasn't long before the experts arrived to help me figure out these local lakes.

We had an absolute blast getting into a few trout the first day and also getting takes as soon as the lights went out. Brian managed to hook up a few times before we all could get our feet wet.

Boca Dawg loved every minute of her time spent here and was begging for me to take her. There is no way I was leaving her behind. She is my trout spotter and is pretty valuable when it comes to cruising trout. She was pretty sad when we left for home, can't wait to get her back again for some swimming and trout chasing.

Nothing like a little relaxing when the bite slowed down. Time for a siesta when nothing else is going on. Hey time for a beer and some time to chill out.

Nothing like the 6am bite while lingering outside my tent. Time to get going and catch up with the fellows. Fish On!!!

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