Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September Alaska Fly Fishing The Kenai, Best Fall Trout and Salmon Fishing!

Fall in Alaska

It's that time of year again that I wish I was sitting high and dry on a drift boat floating the mighty Kenai again.

I made the trip every year for as long as I can remember before marriage and kids, yeah I know:) Life is good now but fishing Alaska every Fall was a trip I counted down as soon as I left the Fall trip before.

Trout fishing on the Kenai is always good, and more often than not it is great. If the salmon pursuit is slow, it seems you can always depend on the trout to save the day. Some years are certainly better than others and to the extent we find angling success for trout is largely related to what else...the salmon. You see here in Alaska, trout and salmon are forever connected. The salmon's mysterious life cycle is everything but a mystery to the Kenai's thriving trout population.
Unlike famous trout streams in the lower 48 where astute anglers cast hand tied replicas of mayflies or caddis, the Kenai is an underwater show, almost entirely subsurface. In a river the size of the Kenai, it seems there is enough food on the river's bottom to make the rise to the rivers surface a waste of time and energy. One might argue that one big bite of salmon flesh or loose spawn has 100 times the nutrient value of one aquatic insect. From the trout's perspective, why waste your time chasing a snack when a full course meal is all around you.

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