Friday, August 22, 2008

DNS Convention Denver! Fishing, Partying or Running Away?

Denver's Democratic Convention is here.....Fishing may be on the Horizon for many!
More Fishing Info go to Fly Fish Addiction

To fish, stay in town or take a few Visitors out on the water....what's the answer? It just depends on what you're looking for I guess. I already have many requests from my real job, a middle man to many of the events going on around town.

For more information on Democratic Convention Concierge Services Look us up! Special Events, Traffic updates, party reports and more go to out sister company Mile High Concierge for any services needed during this time, hey we can even point you to some local fishing guides if needed!

Our DNS Blog is set up to talk about, show in detail and help out with visitors in town or for local residents trying to figure ut what is going on around here and how am I affected in any way.

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