Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Coloradans Push for No Roadless Area Development
By Marshall Cutchin
In Colorado, it seems the momentum is in favor of squashing the Bush administration's reversal of a roadless-area development ban. Even some who supported Governor Bill Ritter's compromise position to allow temporary roads to reach grazing areas, existing coal mines and oil and gas leases are backing away, according to Sramana Mitra's piece on "A report released last week by the Pew Environmental Group says at least 97 natural gas leases approved in roadless areas while the Bush rule was in effect could go forward if Colorado adopts its own plan rather than apply the Clinton-era roadbuilding ban already in place."

CNBC Goes Fly Fishing For Smallmouth
By Marshall Cutchin
CNBC business news analyst Steve Leisman -- an avid fly fisher -- reported from a meeting of rather pessimistic economists at Maine's Leens Lodge this morning. Of course he was teased by Joe and Becky about his casual attire, but he had a quick comeback for the question of whether he would fish in the rain today: "Fish don't mind getting wet," he said. "And you gotta remember, fish are just like stock pickers -- they've got to pick these small flies out of an ocean of water. A little bit of rain won't bother them."

Arkansas's Little Red River
By Marshall Cutchin
"For 30 or so miles from Greers Ferry Dam in Cleburne County to the state Route 305 bridge in northern White County, it teems with stocked rainbow trout, a self-sustaining population of wild browns and a sprinkling of colorful brook and cutthroat trout." Cindy and Steve Taylor write about the Little Red, where fishing strategies are ruled by generator output at the Greers Fairy Dam, and about the catch-and-release Collins Creek, which empties into the Red. In Arkansas Game & Fish magazine.

Galen Mercer's Fly Fishing Art
By Marshall Cutchin
When we queried artist Galen Mercer, who is MidCurrent's featured artist this month, on the background to his saltwater work, he had a very interesting response: "It was July in Key West and hotter than hell both times. We chased permit all over the place, and were chased by vigorous tropical storms in turn. I loved it, and recall being especially floored by the ocean colors, which resembled glazes on ancient Chinese pottery. As we had lots of weather, that is where I put the emphasis. These are brushy, rather fluid things, each done in one session." If you take a look at his paintings of Keys waters, you may find it hard to believe that they were painted in a single sitting. But maybe that is what it takes to capture the light of thunderstorms, which is both brilliant and foreboding.

Video: Gary LaFontaine on Fishing Small Mountain Lakes
By Marshall Cutchin As Gary LaFontaine says, "most of the problem in fishing high mountain lakes is finding the fish. Once you've found the fish, then you've got a few basic food forms." LaFontaine's video on how to fish a "Small Mountain Lake" shows where to find trout in high mountain lakes and how to feed them.

Why Fly Fishers Don't Fish With Worms
By Marshall Cutchin
Wayne Hooper collected ten astonishing strange-but-true stories about outdoors foolishness, including a man who heard that worms work better when warmed in the mouth, a hunter who mistook his neighbor's St. Bernard for a deer, and a distraught bass angler who tried to end his life by prancing around in a thunderstorm with graphite rod and a customized miner's hat.

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