Friday, March 26, 2010

Crowded Colorado Waters! Get Use To It

Yeah You Knew It Was Just A Matter Of Time!

Whether it's a local hotspot for Bass, a High mountain lake for serenity, a popular lake to take the kids, or one of your favorite Tailwaters in the Rockies.....crowds are inevitable. Colorado is one great state and with that comes more people, tourist and an increase in the fisherman population yes we're jealous of you Montana. Is that good or bad, that's a good question? Most of us still know a few honey holes but even those are being taken over so it's time to drive bit afurther, hike longer or simply just change your course of fishing. For me it's get there very early/very late, or just fish at night. One thing is for certain, crowds are a part of fishing and knowing how to deal with that factor or not to deal with, is a question most of ask each other each season.


Skiing is no different; drive 2-3 hours stuck in traffic to fight crowds and to get stuck back in traffic again has the same consequence. Whether it was the 45 cars in the Middle Dream Stream parking lot early one morning a few weeks ago or one funny story that happened last Spring. One Monday I decided to take a friend to a honey hole "it apparently wasn't a honey hole any longer." We still decided to fish there and though there were 8 people crammed into a small area we sucked it up. A few people were leaving and we decided to walk up to a big hole near a boundary line, no sooner did we start walking up than did a Jackal start running at full sprint past us on the trail to grab the spot 30 feet away!! Yeah..get use to it and the comments I made towards this idiot and his Camo duck waders still makes me laugh to think about how Colorado's Tailwaters are going to be from this point on.

Some tips by Trout's on how to be courteous on the river and a recent fight that occured on the Dream Stream.


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Anonymous said...

Nice picture, looks like a spot at the Arsenal.


Troutdawg said...

Absolutely, come late April I can gaurantee it probably will be that!