Monday, October 11, 2010

Slabs of The Week! Only Big Trout Fans Need Apply

The Stillwater Masters Are Back Again!

The boys are on number #13 for their annual Fall trip chasing big trout in unknown Stillwater locations. I fished with them early Summer and hit another trip with Brian a month 1/2 ago in Yellowstone, but missed the end all be all Stillwater trips to date due to work! Destinations unknown, definitely a long drive to where these guys went so whether you head to Eastern Idaho, Montana's Hebgen area, or northeast Wyoming, there may be a few lakes in there with some beasts to chase that not many people know about.

Whether it was Rob aka "Roughneck" getting on some big boys, Tony aka "LocnessMonster nessi", or my pal Brian aka "wishbone" these guys know their stuff. Each time I fish with them I'm truly amazed at how easy they make it look catching huge trout.

Great way to end a trip with a monster trout and better yet a tandem hook up (in headline picture) with trout all over 8lbs...Wow am I ready to load up the car and make sure to meet these guys next time.

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The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Wow! Here piggy piggy! Nice trout!

The Average Joe Fisherman

Bigerrfish said...

Awesom job!!! third leg... haha funny!!!

Unknown said...

Those are some definite slabs. Wowzers! Midnight trout fishing is where its at, eh?

Troutdawg said...

Pigs indeed and I'm really kicking myself for missing this one, not to say I would have gotten one of these but It sure seemed the bite was on for my buds. Yes night fishing is my favorite and it's hard to beat few crowds, nice weather and oh yeah bog fish!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's huge!!