Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Carping on The South Platte Denver

Chasing Goldens in The Fall

Is there ever a bad time to chase carp? In my mind no, in the words of my's pretty much Summertime only. Living just a few blocks from some of the best Carpin around makes it easy to get away when the conditions seem right. Truth be told, Summertime the Carp are the most active and probably fight more than anytime else but Carp are on the bite during the Fall as well.

One thing to keep in mind about Fall Carpin is that the weather can be Bluebird one minute and 15' cooler with winds in just a few hours. For me the Sun is almost the deciding factor when heading out to fish Goldens, similar to that of Bonefish, but when it's partly cloudy and I know exactly where they might be hiding, there's always a chance.

Visibility is key seeing how Carp just don't grab it and take off, you truly need to see them, decide if the ones your after are feeders and most importantly, did you see the take?? Sure Summertime as well as late Spring often provide more sunny days and a more opportune time to see/chase Golden bones. However the Carp are not hit as hard, still feeding at certain times and you just may not have a Saturday free seeing how the Dream Stream or College football may be keeping you busy so get out anyways!

On this day I managed to hook 2 nice carp but only land the smaller of the two -I'll take what I can get. I pulled it from 4 others and had 2 other chances!! Not bad for an hour 1/2 out at my Carp alley area in town.

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Fishguy said...

I see you're still chasing the goldens you crazy fool...

Troutdawg said...

Hey anytime I can take my 7wt out for a workout I'm just jealous!