Monday, November 15, 2010

Revenge is a Sweet Thang! Georgia/Awburn Football game

Football Rivalries Down South Run Deep
Some traditions can be dangerous when idiots are out in public.

After the second-ranked Auburn Tigers (11-0) barely escaped beating the visiting Georgia Bulldogs (5-6) in the South's old rivalry (114 games/7th oldest in NCAA) Saturday evening, thousands of Auburn fans rushed to Toomers Corner to celebrate Auburn's victory that clinched a berth in the SEC Championship Game held in Atlanta. Due to the dirty play from Nick Fairley, the dirtiest player in College football who tried to take out Georgia's Aaron Murray a few times during the game via the video below....Dawg Fans got a little revenge back on the Town of Auburn! No love loss here from a true Dawg fan and this team lost a lot of respect from me after the personal fouls called and punches thrown by Auburn players in this one! After attending countless Ga/Auburn games over the years, 7 in a row at one point,this one turned into another battle on the field with a close finish. It was Awburns players who stole the show with countless cheap shots,personal fouls and 2 players ejected for punches,very classy tigers.

Good luck Cam Newton with that $200,000 payout now, being declared ineligible and all those negative rumors about cheating/payoffs!

*Glad no one got hurt when the fire caught from the toilet paper on fire, firefighters put it out within minutes of catching. I guess when you have toilet paper hanging from trees all over it's bound to happen sooner or later.

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Anonymous said...

Some crazy people to put Toilet Paper in trees all over the place. Even crazier that some drunks set it on fire, you Southern folk get a little wild down there.