Friday, November 19, 2010

South Park Fishing...Expect The Unexpected

Fall Fishing in South Park

It's another Fall day in South Park aka fishing the Dream on a weekend and what do I get? I got the unexpected with 68' weather, no wind and sunshine all day! What's wrong with this picture? Well a bunch if you've never fished here, this place tortures all from crazy wind storms, insane crowds, bad flows, picky trout and normally snow storms this time of year. I got the opposite from gorgeous weather and few crowds to some nice fish. Every Fall on the Dream Stream can be bring many surprises from my whiteout last year to big Browns years before, one never knows what to expect. The big browns were mostly gone due to it being a few weeks after but plenty of other trout to keep me entertained. I do prefer cloudy, light winds to bring out the big boys but who can complain on a day like this.

Start the day off with a few Rainbows, cutthroats, brownies and Salmon...hmm that could almost count as a partial grand slam since pike were elusive this day!

Early bird gets the worm. Yep 1st one there and nothing like getting to an empty parking lot at 6:20am and easy pickens for all my hotspots.

Cutthroats were stacked in there today and they seemed to be all around the Kokanee's and eager to take some eggs as well as dry fly's once the hatch began. Biggest fish of the day was a 22" brown trout, where's the picture you ask? SDR is what happened, yes I decided to release it right at my net, yep a break off right on the edge. Oh well a fun fight nonetheless.

The perfect place to spend a Fall morning and better yet the place to have for yourself an hour before the crowds started kicking up dust.

One sexy Papa, they can be fun to catch but I prefer to catch the Trout species, must be from all the Salmon caught in Alaska and not wanting to keep changing up my tippet due to those fine teeth!

Boca ready for the ride! Long day of fishing and chasing chipmunks. One tired pup right there

Tips for Fishing The Dream Stream
The Good
-Big fish and a variety of fish species to target
-Great hatches
-If the River isn't fishing well hit the lakes or 11 mile canyon
-If you want to be up and close with horses, Buffalo's and Donkeys, this is your place
-Easy access areas 3 1/2 miles worth
The Bad
-Crowds, crowds and more crowds
-If you don't get crowded in your hole, your spot targeted by others, people up from you, down from you and walking by it's a good day
-If you don't get 40mph winds it's a good day
-If you don't get snowed on (till June and starts in Sept)it's a good day
-The flows seem to always be off
-Tough fishing for big fish, sight fishing can be brutal
-Did I mention the crowds again?

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AYearOnTheFly said...

Pics and reports like that make me wish I lived where more than your standard trout swim. I love the pic of the trout in the net and the red backed hook nose looks like he might have put up a fight.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks and good looking Cutty's there and definitely timed it right for plenty of Kokanees. Fun fish to fish as well and can be pretty easy to catch on San Juans and leeches.