Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bolivian Golden Dorado Fishing!

Chasing The True Goldens
Golden Dorado Trip Pictures

It was not long ago I was sitting next to my pal Dr. Fred Miller at the Greenback Film Night in Denver, when we were talking about recent, or soon to be fishing trips adventures.

For those who aren't familiar with Dr. Fred, I'm sure you may know someone who knows this crazy guy. From 2 years ago catching a Monster Taimen in Mongolia, a 14lb beast of a Colorado Rainbow that was posted in the paper or his many travels all over...he is definitely the world traveler!

He not only travels every month to some wild destination but he also knows how to catch nice fish. I still owe him for putting me on a great Tarpon guide a few years ago in Boca Grande, Fl.

It wasn't enough for him to catch Golden Dorado's a few years back, he's back again and I get a text via his iphone with some gorgeous new catches. Another wild thing about this trip is that one of his guides slash photographers is Alejandro Martello. Alejandro was posted on my top fly fishing photographers theme awhile back so I was happy to get an update from Alejandro as well as to how the fishing has been down in Bolivia!

Fly Fishing Bolivia is like no other from what I've heard. Much better than Argentina a few say, some believe the it's better in Argentina? Nonetheless I will go wherever the invites lead me. I ran into Tucker from Trout's Fly Shop today over at Wash Park and he too will be heading to Bolivia shortly for an adventure. Can't wait to see how he does and get more pictures to post!

After a few trips to Mongolia, Bolivia, Russia & Patagonia...what next Fred?

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