Friday, July 15, 2011

Fly Fishing Injury's Up and Close!

Big Hooks...Big Problem!

We've all been there, it's bound to happen eventually if you fish long enough whether you fly fish or spin fish. The big question we all ask ourselves is: how will it happen?

I can remember growing up bass fishing with my Grand dad and my Youth was definitely spent on Farm ponds in the South casting mega topwater lure to eager Largemouths. It was than that I soon realized this hobby of mine could be a dangerous one. My favorite lure of choice was a devils horse topwater that brought a few thousand Bass to me, the tricky part was trying to throw this beast while in a canoe and being ever so careful of the person in the back of our canoe! Yes you get "Hooked" while in the front or in the back of the boat but on one occassion a bass gave a little payback.

Mind you that some of these plugs have 3 hooks and 9 sharp points just waiting to grab ahold of ya!


I had hooked a large bass and after minutes of fighting this tank, he did as what most Bass do, she jumps! After multiple attempts to land her she made one last effort and the devils horse went flying in my direction....that didn't feel so good.

There was one time that a friend of my father was in the back of the boat and got to know a topwater plug fairly well, so much so that one treble was stuck in his chin for the better part of the day, he dodn't want to leave because the fishing was so good!

Instructional Video just in case you're not sure what to do

Not sure what flies, lures or location hurts the most all I know is that it all hurts and you just need to be careful when out on the water. Saltwater especially, throwing a size 2 fly with one nasty hook can inflict some serious damage so watch the wind, your backcast and your fellow fisherman on the boat your next trip out. Also go Barbless if possible, when I night fish that is always a must!

Thanks to my Pal Carter Andrews for the nasty Hook picture, you are one brave man!

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Anonymous said...

Go barbless!

Troutdawg said...

Absolutely, why wouldn't you! Easier on the fish and skin

Fishguy said...

Barbless all the way, when we saltwater fish there are some nasty size 2 flies whissing by your head, you never want to have one of those hook you.