Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christo Art Cover on The Arkansas River

What Happens Next?
Salida, Colorado
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The debate is finally here and the Christo project that has been proposed to show up again in Colorado down on the Arkansas River may have more issues to deal with. To get an up and close look at this amazing project and his work, head to Denver's Contemporary Art Museam to see what all the talk is about. I was there earlier this year and still amazed at the size of scale this is trying to encompass throughout the Arkansas River Valley.

When two decades ago the artist Christo proposed a gigantic art installation spanning 42 miles of the Arkansas River with sections of suspended luminescent fabric, he knew it would incite public debate. He said those discussions — over nature, its place and its purpose — would be part of the art.

Paulette Brodeur, an artist and gallery owner in Salida, Colo., has grown tired of the fight. “Whatever is meant to be will be,” she says. And on that point, if on nothing else in this deeply controversial project, both sides agree. “Over the River,” as the proposed installation is called, has already created something new here in this central Colorado community — a shared experience, a kind of civic performance art — however people feel about the specifics. The recent public comment period, which drew 3,500 responses, reflected civic engagement in full boil.

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Fishguy said...

That's going to be wild if it goes through!

Troutdawg said...

I'll be there this weekend, the Ark will definitely change if that happens..