Sunday, October 9, 2011

Colorado Fall Fishing, More Great Night Action For Big Trout!

The Fall Night Bite is On

What to do when you have a free weekend and have been been hitting all the top Tailwaters in Colorado? Keep the streak alive and head back to another favorite river for some night fishing.

This weekend bright some incredible weather and even more incredible fishing to remember. The hatches were pretty sweet all day but I'm not that big into crowds when I fish so I was prepared to spend some long hours after sunset.


Big bows and careful casting brought out this piggy to hand, thank goodness I had some net help this evening. Not sure if I could have landed a few of these by myself.


What happens when you've fished 15 hrs, had a few drinks and you're trying to get a big fish shot? You're gonna need better reflexes and a more cooperative fish! no one was harmed in the making of this shot ;)


Gorgeous browns are the target of my affection this Fall season. This river didn't dissapoint nor did their colors!


Just couldn't get enough of the big bows, they were out in full force and no streamers needed this night to get a bite.


Can't wait to get back for more top action again to this hot spot. Who needs to fish during the day when you get this lucky at night. Sleep in, fish a little and get ready for another perfect night of fishing this month!

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Fishguy said...

Some great looking fish Troutdawg, nice going!

Troutdawg said...

Thanks, love my night fishing and love even more when the pigs come out to play!

Trout Magee said...

Holy Smokes how did I miss these pics. Those latenight Bows are ridiculous !!! The look like some leader snapping, pole cracking beasts!! Night fishing is the only way to go. NO boiling hot sun or people, just you guys and some monsters :) Tight Lines

Troutdawg said...

Thanks Magee, incredible night and you're right no crowds, hot weather or issues to worry about at night just hopefully some big fish to play with!