Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fly Fishing Around Colorado

Colorado Colors, Pretty Hard To Beat

Being fortunate to travel around our Rocky Mtns state these last 2 months has turned this fisherman into more of a Photographer. What an amazing season so far with the weather and fishing.

This was from one of my recent trips to a favorite Tailwater most may recognize. Sit back relax and enjoy some incredible Fall colors!


aboutflyfishing01 said...

Great photos Troutdawg! All I can say is "wow", I mean the fall colors are simply captivating, especially on the second photo. No doubt Colorado is the best place to be when it comes to fly fishing!

Kevin Snow
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Troutdawg said...

Thanks tis the season and no better place to be than the Rockies during Fall!

Fly fishing said...

Well Love all the fabulous details on your blog.