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Blue Quill Angler December Newsletter

Blue Quill Angler December Newsletter!
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Don't miss Authors Day at the BQA

It has been over twenty years since John Gierach and A.K. Best first drove through a December winter blizzard to come to the Blue Quill Angler for a book signing. The amazing thing is they have not missed a December book signing in twenty years. John and A.K. will be at the Blue Quill Angler this coming Saturday along with 8 other authors. We'll have refreshments, Cannon's famous oxtail soup, wild pheasant, and many other goodies. You can come meet these authors, swap fishing stories, and get your books personalized. We will have all their books "currently in print" available for purchase.

Authors coming will be:
John Gierach:
John Gierach is the author of many books including: At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman, Standing in a River Waving a Stick, Dances with Trout, Trout Bum, Even Brook Trout Get the Blues, Sex, Death and Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Small Streams, Good Flies, Still Life with Brook Trout, Another Lousy Day in Paradise, Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders, The View from Rat Lake, and his latest Fool's Paradise. His work has appeared in Gray's Sporting Journal, Field & Stream, where he is a contributing writer, and Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, where he is a columnist. He also writes columns for the Longmont Daily Times (Colorado)-Call and the monthly Redstone Review. He lives in Lyons, Colorado.

A.K. Best: Archie Best is an amazing fly fisherman, fly tyer, fly designer, fly tying instructor, lecturer, author, and all around good guy. His books include: Production Fly Tying, Dying and Bleaching, A.K. Best's Advanced Fly Tying, A.K.Best's Fly Box, and Fly Fishing with A.K., plus many DVD's on fly tying. His latest book that came out in 2008 is Fly Tying with A.K.
Pat Dorsey: Pat Dorsey is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants, fly-fishing guide, author and noted speaker. Dorsey began his guiding career with the Blue Quill Angler 18 years ago. He is a partner in the shop and is author of A Fly-Fishing Guide to the South Platte River, and has a DVD, Nymphing Strategies. His new book Fly-Fishing Western Tailwaters is due to be released in September 2009. Dorsey also writes for Fly Fisherman, High Country Angler, and is a noted speaker at the International Sportsmen's Exposition. He also travels and speaks at fly shops and fishing clubs throughout the US. Dorsey has also received the coveted Orvis Guide of the Year award.

John Barr: John Barr is a retired dentist, an avid fly fisherman and Umpqua fly designer. His own designs include well known fly patterns such as the Copper John, Barr Emerger, Vis-A-Dun, Graphic Caddis and the Meat Whistle to name only a few. These and many more of his other patterns are contained in his book Barr Flies. Barr recently worked with Landon Mayer in the production of the DVD Landing the Trout of Your Life and a DVD on fly-fishing for bass titled Weapons of Bass Production. John Barr is on the advisory staff for Sage, Simms, Rio and Outcast, and is a member of the Ross Reels pro staff.

Landon Mayer: Landon Mayer is a native of Colorado who finds his passion in the sport of fly-fishing through teaching, learning, and sharing his knowledge with others. He has spent the past ten years guiding on his home waters--the South Platte River--as well as abroad. Mayer is also a regular writer on the art of fly-fishing, having been published in numerous trade publications, including High Country Angler, Fly Fisherman, and American Angler. His first book, How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life, and his DVD Landing the Trout of Your Life, are a must-have for every angler's library. Mayer maintains an extensive speaking schedule at fly-fishing trade shows, seminars, fly shops, and other venues, and is also a pro-staff advisor for Cloudveil, Ross Reels, and High Country Angler.

Todd Hosman: Todd Hosman is a professional writer and veteran fly-fishing guide, Todd Hosman lives near Longmont, Colorado. He is the author of Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park, Fly Fishing Colorado's Front Range, and now in 2008 is his new book Colorado Trout Flies, The eastern slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is home to an extraordinary concentration of accomplished fly tyers, perhaps the greatest in the world. Colorado Trout Flies profiles 34 of them, including professional tyers, fly-fishing guides and writers. The book focuses on the featured tyers, but it also details, with recipes and color photos, 68 of their favorite fly patterns.
Shane Stalcup: Shane Stalcup is a fly designer for the Solitude Fly Company, professional fly tyer, and fly tying materials originator. Stalcup is in a league of his own, forever combining new materials with new ideas to create realistic patterns. He has contributed to Fly Tyer, Fly Fisherman, and Fly-Fishing &Tying Journal, plus 14 fly tying videos. In his book, Mayflies Top to Bottom, Stalcup shares his secrets for tying effective and lifelike mayfly imitations that are effective fish catchers.

Ed Engle: Ed Engle is a South Platte fly-fishing guide and author of Fly Fishing the Tailwaters (out of print),Tying Small Flies, and Fishing Small Flies. He has also written many articles on fly tying and fly fishing in Fly Fisherman and American Angler. Engle's books are filled with tips and techniques developed from guiding and fishing Colorado. He is a student, master and teacher of fishing hatches especially midges, Tricos, and tiny Baetis mayflies. His books are especially relevant to fishing Colorado with a special emphasis on tailwaters.

Barry Reynolds: Barry Reynolds has been a promoter of freshwater fly-fishing species beyond trout for over 20 years. His books include Mastering Pike on the Fly, Carp on the Fly, and just released Fly-Fishing with Barry Reynolds. He is an Umpqua contract fly tyer, and serves on the pro staff of Scott Rods, Ross Reels, Rio Fly lines, Simms, and Smith Action Optics. He holds line-class world records for several species. Reynolds has caught a huge variety of freshwater fish on a fly, some very large, and many of them in the Denver Metro area.

Marty Bartholomew: Marty Bartholomew is consumate angler,fly-fishing guide, author, fly tyer, and fly tying instructor. Bartholomew has a great tying book, Tying Flies Like a Pro. A Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado is a must-have if you fish Colorado. It details when, and where, you should fish for the entire state of Colorado. In addition, helpful tips and fly selection is covered. Every fly-fisher should have this book on the front seat of his or her car!

Barring a huge snow storm, these authors will be at the Blue Quill Angler from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. Books can be shipped to you signed and personalized. Just give us a call at 303-674-4700.
Upcoming Free Saturday Seminars 10:00am until 12:00 noon
unless noted

Saturday, Dec 13: Simms Day at the Blue Quill Michael White, our Simms rep will be on hand to go over new products for 2009, size you for waders, and outerwear, and answer your questions about all Simms products. Special product incentives for all who come.

Saturday, Dec 20: Fishing Grey Reef : Jim Neiberger and Blue Quill Angler guide Bob Dye have fished Grey Reef together for many years. Bob guides on the Gray Reef and will be hosting a spring and fall trip to the North Platte. Come and learn about this productive tailwater.

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