Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Patagonia Fishing Trip

Fisherman around the world say that there are only 4 destinations they would love to fish in their lifetime, well I can now say that I have marked two off my last destination of course is Patagonia. Everything you've heard about this wonderland is absolutely true and to have experienced it first hand was one of those trips of a lifetime for sure.

We started this journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we soon learned that maybe we should have planned on staying here for an additional week seeing how there is so much life and sites to see in this amazing city. Besides the many sites to see the one thing that BA is well known for is it's Tango dancing, did we partake, well we watched from a far due to my 2 left feet! Areas to checkout next time you are in BA are La Boca, Palermo, Puerto Madero, Recoletta and yes the downtown area.

We hit Chile next and let me tell you....this place was unreal and the Fishing was Incredible!!
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Anonymous said...

Fun trip. Was it an a DIY trip or did you stay at lodges mostly? Would love to hear more about it and fish targeted,

Drifter Dan

Anonymous said...

awesome trip! It looks like you didn't just book it through some outfitter but instead planned it yourself. That is how I would want to do it but at the same time have guides avaiable for the different areas.