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Bighorn River Spring Reports & The Grey Reef Spring Fishing!

North Platte River Grey Reef Spring Fishing and The Bighorn River is Getting Fishy!

Need An Update on Some Top Fishing Areas, Look No Further......

Bighorn River Report
March 21, 2009
River flows have been maintained at 2450 cfs to this point. The snow pack is anywhere from 87% to 102% of average depending on where you measure in Wyoming. The reservoir is at 87.6% full.

Spring is officially here. Temperatures for yesterday and today have been in the 70's. This warmth should help bring up the water temperature a little bit. Right now the water temperature is averaging 38 to 40 degrees on the top thirteen miles. There are midge hatches everyday and baetis hatches on cloudy days. But most of the trout are not rising yet. This is attributed to the very cold water. The fish do not want to move far for an insect. However, as water temperatures rise, the trout will too. We have been mostly using nymphs because that method has been the most effective. Yesterday all I used was a size 18 Ray Charles (sow bug) and a size 20 midge pupae. Baetis nymphs will also work in black or olive and streamers continue to work.

I have probably said this a million times but the fish are taking the fly SUBTLY. Yesterday I set the hook instinctively many times and did get a lot of hook ups. I have told this to my clients many times that the trout don't actually bite a nymph. They gently put it in their mouth. This translates to your strike indicator hardly moving or not moving at all. The only time your indicator really moves a lot is when the fish tries to eject our imitation and the hook gets stuck in its mouth somewhere. Trout can take a fly into their mouth and eject it in about half a second.

Ellyn and Michael
Fly Fishing The Bighorn

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North Platte River, Wyoming
March 22, 2009
WINTER STORM WARNING 1st of this week but fine there after
Guides still reporting egg patterns, leeches, vanilla buggers, scuds, rock worm and midges working the best.

Flushing Flow Update.........We talked to the Bureau Reclamation today and the flows are now slated for March 30th thru April 3rd.

Spring patterns will include egg patterns, red rock worms, midges, san juan worms, hot head leeches, squirrel leeches and scuds.
Black and Brown Bionic Midges 18-22, Black and Red Barbed wires 18-22, black beauties, split foam backs 18-22 in black, bwo, baetis, grey. Foam Rs2's in black and grey.
Swinging and dead drifting both the Brown Bite Me Bugger and Vanilla Buggers. Hot head leech or pine squirrel leech with san juan worm trailer also working well

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