Sunday, March 22, 2009

Early Season Fishing Means One Think...Egg's Benedict!!

The Eggs Benedict Pattern is What To Use Spring and Fall
No this is not your typical breakfast, this is a gourmet meal coming down the River and very hard to resist!

It was derived from a trip we had 2 years ago to the Grey Reef and some may ask? Did it work? Well, we're still using it and though many Big Trout may get easily confused, a 27" Grey Reef beast fell victim and it keeps me using it every Spring/Fall until they outlaw it!!
What Egg Patterns should you use? Here's a few but my best tip is to use 3 varied colors for that water spread out 12-14" apart. Sizes and colors always change depending upon the spawn cycle, but the result stays the same -Fish On, Now Bring Me Some More Eggs!!

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Ethics of Fishing with Egg Patterns


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Anonymous said...

Wonder if these egg patterns would work when applied to spring brownies here in NL.

Troutdawg said...

You Bet!