Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top Fishing Guide Excuses..

Top Ten Excuses Used By Fishing Guides When The Fishing Is Lousy
Who has been out fishing with a guide and things have...well kinda sucked? If not than I must be the only one. Chalk it up to bad timing, bad time of the year or someone forget to tell the fish you're paying Mucho Coin to catch them. Either or we've all been there and for those of us that guide, well you know how funny this is as well~

10. The river is too high/low this time of year
9. The water is too muddy/clear for optimal fishing
8. The water is too fast/slow for your ability level
7. The fish are catatonic today
6. There must have been a full moon last night
5. These trout have lockjaw
4. Too much fishing pressure has the trout running for their lives
3. The barometric pressure must be dropping
2. You're not holding your tongue right

And the number one (MIDI drum roll please) excuse used by fishing guides when the fishing is lousy...

1. You should have been here yesterday. Ha!!

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done!


Ken Morrow said...

hmmm...the list i've actually heard used that i found at least earned some points for creativity and balls are:

> my boat was stolen last nite.

> i'm too hung over to fish today.

> my wife left me last night, and i'm just a wreck today.

> my sick kids kept me up all night and i've been worrying about them all day.

> my house burned down a couple of days ago, and i just can't focus.

> 2 words: fish kill.

i've always had a fondness for the excuses that clients could obviously hav been warned about, sparing them the expense of a wasted trip. (and thereby earning the guide huge tips when the trip finally took place AND a life-long loyal customer) outfitters and guides who do this know how the game is played and r n it for the long haul. they're the ones i'm interested n on the rare event that i hire a guide. more importantly, they tend to b the only ones i recommend.