Friday, April 9, 2010

Fly Fishing Google Search Formats With FFA, Check Us Out!

Another Way To Search For Anything Fishing Related

I guess every site has this by now but we figured we'd spread the word in case a few out there haven't tried to use it yet! Since our FFA website is reaching close to 200 pages of Fishing nonsense and our blog has taken off a bit, what better way to search for well, basically anything fly fishing related. I can honestly say that our database is still growing but we more than likely have an article or page on anything you can think of. Okay maybe not everything, for those who seek out topics such as Jessica Biel fishing the Seychelles, sorry you're out of luck. For the serious or not so serious angler, we should appease a few topics of interest so check it out!
On Our Fly Fish Addiction Main website in the center
Located on our FFA Blog half way down in the right column

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