Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Egg Season!

Spring Egg Fishing
click on egg pic for a cool closeup

What is it about Spring fishing that get's everyone so fired up to get out on the water? Is it the thought of heading to the San Juan River, the Green River, the Grey Reef, local Colorado tailwaters or chasing big trout in some hideaway spots.

The picture of eggs above were from a rainbow hen that spewed a few eggs and was immediately put back in, as were her eggs delicately that were inches away from the water in this shot. He felt bad that her eggs were released and no other hens were caught that day that released eggs.

Eggs can definitely be the ticket when fishing this time of year and can be quite productive. I started a set up years ago on the Grey Reef when I got the surprise of the year with a nice 26" Cutty from my pattern. What was my pattern? I call it the Eggs benedict. It ranges from a variation of patterns a few of us came up with, nothing technical just 3 eggs of various colors to float down and have the right one taken down for snack. Eggs are a favorite in Alaska to catch big bows but here in Colorado is a mainstay during Spring fishing. Yes don't forget a few midge patterns and BWO patterns but throw a few eggs and ham if you get a chance!

Why do we love this time so much? Sure we love our Browns but it's hard to beat the gorgeous fish during this time and color change. The Spring time is when cutthroat trout, rainbows and cut-bow trout get into spawn mode. During the few weeks following these activities, trout munch down heavily to get recharged after a long winter. This pre-spawn feeding period is prime for some terrific early season fishing! Anytime you catch trout pre-during-after should all be handled with extra care and fought in a quick timeframe to insure their health going into the spawn.

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Fishguy said...

Eggs and Ham, I'll have to remember that one. The Benedict is something I'll have to try this Fall

Troutdawg said...

Nice, it definitely works and hopefully we can put you on some fish this fall throwing some eggs and ham!