Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monster Catfish, Hmmm I smell Bacon!

It's Just A Catfish Folks!
(retraction we just found out a week later after posting this was in fact a whale shark thought to be a catfish, sorry for the mixup)

For all those crazy guys who go 'noodling' sorry never gone down that road for catfish and stick their arms down the fish's throat, this would be 'all the catfish you can eat. Growing up in the South catfish are nothing new, in fact I can still taste those yummy 2lb filets out on the dock at Lake Lanier with a few hush puppies, bushel of oysters and keg of beer with the boys!

Each year, a few people were drowning or disappearing mysteriously in Huadu's Furong Reservoir. It was not until recently, when the son of a government official went swimming, in the reservoir and was drowned, that the secret was revealed.

It is a 3 meter (9.8ft) long man-eating catfish whose head alone is 1 meter (3.3ft) wide!

After cutting up the catfish, people were surprised to find the remains of another man inside!

Swimming in the reservoir is now forbidden because it is feared another similar man-eating catfish is still lurking in the waters. So to all my Tenn buddies, no noddling round these parts if you don't want to be another statistic

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Pike fly-fishing articles said...

That's insane!

Anonymous said...

Man that thing is huge


Anonymous said...

thats a whale shark. no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

that is a whale shark. no doubt about it. probably killed it for shark fin soup.

Troutdawg said...

It does look like a whale shark indeed, in fact another picture I had (sorry I didn't post it as well) it had whiskers of some sort and looked like some kind of catfish. Hard to tell what the heck this thing is, I wish they let it go though!

Troutdawg said...

Just found out it was a whale shark, sorry about the mishap