Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tampa Redfishing is Heating Up! Tampa Bay Area Fishing Reports

Redfish on the Fly...It's That Time Again

Just got an update from my brother n law again, status...The Reds are on and here come the big boys. I love to Redfish down in the Tampa area as much as I can and when I get a message saying how well it's been, my wallet always seems to get smaller and smaller. Trips to Tampa never happen as much as I would like them to but with a possible trip down that way in July, my Reds may have moved out by then.


Springtime in the Tampa area means big schools of redfish move from the Gulf of Mexico and join the resident redfish on the flats. During this time it's not uncommon to locate herds of redfish containing a hundred or more fish to cast a fly to. When these large groups decide to move into the flats areas, the redfish action can be absolutely incredible! It's all about the timing, *temp's, tides and getting to the fish that can make a big difference.

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James said...

We had some big reds this season so far too. Now on to Boca Grande for some Tarpon! Hooked a goliath grouper yesterday. Put my rod in the gunnel and it broke in half and yanked it and my reel right out! Dumb..very dumb.

Capt. Jamie Goodwin

Troutdawg said...

Did I hear Boca Grande...ahh one of my favorite spots. This will be my 1st year to miss my May Tarpon trip with the boys.

Tarpon fishing is at the VERY top of my fishing list and am dying that I couldn't get a trip this May. July may still work but may head to the Keys if more action will wait and see.

Sorry to hear about equipment failure, my back couldn't take handling one of those giants! 10lb Jacks are quite the appetizer!

Jamie thanks for commenting, I hope the pass treats you guys well this year and those long days aren't too bad. Loved watching you a few years on "Tarpon of Boca" still on my Tivo!