Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fly Fishing Slough Creek's Backcountry! Hoppers, Bear Sightings, Yellowstone Cutthroats and No Crowds!

Da Bears and The Perfect Yellowstone Getaway

Slough Creek was one of our top destinations...why you ask? If you haven't been to Slough Creek you have been missing out. It's been one of my favorites since fishing there countless times while I lived there years ago. Yes it can get crowded, yes it can fill up as far as camping areas and yes, there could be bears. If those are a deterrent than plan ahead and escape the crowds for some superb dry fly fishing and escape to the wild. We had a great time there and though it wasn't true to form as far as risers everywhere, late Summer angling pressure and weather played a part into it being slower than normal. Nonetheless I had a blast and we all pretty much netted a number of quality Cutthroats. Then again if you come here expecting numbers and easy fishing, you may come away with a bruised ego. They can be hard to catch but if you've done your homework and work for em, who knows what the day will bring.

Donny B watching a few risers while mr Buffalo keeps his distance as we finish out the day. Clark finished the day with one of the nicer Cutty's he caught. Yellowstone Cutthroats on Grasshoppers is pretty darn hard to beat!

We had the place to ourselves for most of the day and between catching a fair amount of trout and finishing the day out with risers around us, I couldn't think of a more suitable place to sit back relax whether one caught fish or not.

Slough valleyRISING-CUTTY2
1st Meadow of Slough Creek. Nice place to gaze and watch Cutty's swimming by but our main objective was to pass up this area and keep hiking! We headed towards the 2nd meadow for some meadow fun fishing and Canyon crawling. This guy was one of about 10 I caught in a hole, almost every cast I hooked one in that section, crazy and my video of it should be uploaded soon for you to watch.

Practicing my Bear spray on dummy tester Cobos! No bear sightings but plenty of bear scat around and a few tracks down by the river. More on Slough Creek on my FFA website with a complete recap as well as a 2nd posting this week on Slough since we had a "Slough" -no pun, of pictures from this great area.

Slough Creek is located in the Lamar Valley, this small campground area if not hiking, is a great for watching wolves, Buffalo and getting your dry fly fix. The campground is open from late May until October, with roughly 29 camping sites. Soda Butte also has sights needed if there is an overflow from Slough. If camping backcountry make sure to call ahead and get your permits, they go fast if there are bear sightings lately, they may move you up to another meadow.

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Stephanie & Dustin said...

I hope to get to do this trip next summer; it is at the top of our lists. Great pics!

Troutdawg said...

It stays at the top of my list each year for sure. Good luck getting out there to fish Slough. Incredible place tucked into the Lamar Valley and the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Sweet trip report mate! Amazing pictures you have.