Monday, August 23, 2010

When Is It Time To Say Goodbye...That Is To Old Fly Fishing Gear?

Should I Stay or Should I Go

We've all been there, it's been a few years, you've had the best times together, they've been reliable and always come through for you. Now the question comes to mind, is it time?

Whether it's a trusty fly rod, fly fishing cap, favorite fishing boots or perhaps one of the most important pieces, your waders? If you're like a majority of fly fishers out there most of your gear should last you awhile, if you have good stuff it really should last you a few years. Some try and repair waders/boots themselves which can also save some time and money. If you're like myself and my fishaholic friends, your time table can be a bit shorter. I've had my Patagonia boots for only 2 years now and they're more than done. Before leaving on my week long Yellowstone trip last week I was in a bit of a bind. I forgot to replace my Patagonia's and buy a new pair. But they're Patagonia gear, I can send them back for a new pair, great if only I had remembered to do that before a big trip and to send in like I do for my Patagonia waders.

Good luck with wearing down your gear and remember one thing, super glue/duct tape ;) can do wonders if properly added to the right areas! Invest in your equipment and it will never let you down, that goes without saying, especially ones with great return policies. If you casually fish a most companies will do a good job, so there's always something out there for all levels and checkbooks whether at Sierra trading post or your local fly shop.

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Bigerrfish said...

My solution to the boots, and I do go through the boots, but I plan on them only lasting one year usually they make it two, thats above expectations, so its fine to buy a hundred dollar pair of boots every two years rather than a 300 dollar pair. same with waders hundred bucks every two years.

Troutdawg said...

Great point and it can definitely add up after awhile but it's well worth it! Better the waders and boots than that fav fly rod breaking after a year of buying it.

Anonymous said...

I'm debating new Simms again or possibly Patagonia's since I'm getting a little tired of my Simms wearing down all the time.


Fishguy said...

I just wear sandals and that's all I need. It helps that I live in Florida! Expensive hobby we enjoy boys