Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best Fly Fishing Dinners, Is It The Food or The Fishing You Remember Most?

Is It The Act of Catching Fish or Is It The Dinner Bell ?

Whether it's a Fresh Coho Salmon cooked up by a campfire hours after catching it, an incredible beef dinner in Chile, Seafood paradise in Boca Grande, Delaney Butte feast to remember, Louisiana dinner waterside after fishing, San Diego's fresh catch, or an insataible lunch in Costa Rica before a day out on the water....It's often the meal that means as much as the Fishing, -if you know what I Mean hmmmmm

Lakeside Dinner In Chile! Should I say more...what's better than having this meal waiting for you after a long day of catching big trout in Chile's Petrohue River. Pisco Sours, Malbec's and hearty beef was heaven. Oh yeah two night's dinner for two only costs around $45 :)

Best To Date! Boca Grande Dinner Night Oceanside With Da Playas
Where to begin, thanks to Colin, Nick, Rob, Donny B, this was one to remember and even more so due to the fact that after many whiskey drinks, red wine and panamanian cigars, I caught a Juvy Tarpon hours later in a haze of drunkeness!

Delaney Buttes feast! Huge Steak, Rainbow trout (my 1 for the year), stuffed filled chicken breast, man was that one heck of a dinner. Bourbon in hand, cigar afterwards, clear bright starry night at delaney buttes and with great friends.

Alaska's best, fresh Coho Salmon I caught just a few hours earlier on the Kenai and being cooked up to perfection thanks to Narwhal! Does it get any fresher I don't think so, fresh fish for a week and a Sushi dinner to remember before I flew out of Anchorage how you top that?

Anytime you make it to Central America, whether for the fishing, food or drinks one thing is for certain, the dinner bell and feshness of food there keeps me thirsting for more!

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Anonymous said...

That's some incredible looking dinners you got there. I'm already getting hungry now!


Troutdawg said...

Hard to choose one from another, lucky enough to just have fishing buddies who know how to cook~

Unknown said...

Suddenly I feel extremely famished. My fishing buddy needs to break out his apron!

That Chilean, and wow. Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my mouth.


Troutdawg said...

Ha Thanks for that one! I can only sit here as well and dream about another far away escape and if lucky enough, another Dinner to remember...ahh the memories! Hopefully I can get you out for one of those this Summer

Fishguy said...

Son do you ever eat a bad meal? Man take me on your next trip amigo

chris said...

Good looking food I remember the food and fun as much as the fishing. If the food is good. Check out a great top ten list on fly fishing at

Troutdawg said...

Fishguy and Chris, good food indeed and whether you keep the fish caught or are lucky enough to find some local flavor, I can never get enough. Thanks!

montana fishing guide said...

I definitely remember the fishing more, but food is probably a close second. Nothing better than a great day of fishing followed by a terrific meal. My favorite is probably overnight float trips when you fish all day and then grill up some tasty steaks on a beautiful gravel bar.

Troutdawg said...


I couldn't agree more, I go back and forth as to which one is better, than again I'll take either one any day of the week but like you said. A float trip with some outstanding fishing and some tasty food that night is pretty hard to beat. Thanks