Monday, March 21, 2011

Trout's Fly Shop "Name That River Contest" & The Winner is...

All That Fishing is Paying Off

Every week Trout's fly shop displays a contest, name that river. Each week depicts a shot from a random river across the country. Mainly rivers around the Rockies, but often times Rivers elsewhere is shown and if you're fast enough to respond (usually 30-40 people answer within an hour) you better be ready to answer promptly. I normally -like most, never get close but today was different. I happened to glance online and noticed no one had answered correctly? Having fished in the South for most of my young angling days, it was an easy one and answered to win!

Nothing like a new Scientific Anglers WF6 Bass line to make this a good Monday! Thanks Trout's and can't wait to try again soon.

The River was none other than the Davidson River from North Carolina. One of my favorite rivers in the South, next to the Chattooga River and Nantahala Rivers as being my best!

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Anonymous said...

Nice going Tdawg!