Friday, March 11, 2011

Key West Wahoo's and Hammerheads Up Close!

It's Spanish Fly Time

Whether you're a shark fan or not this one will get your attention for sure! I am a huge shark fan, whether it's a small Bonnethead, Bull shark or Hammerhead I love to catch em on a fly but not to swim with however.

One of my favorite Saltwater guys Jose Wejebe joined Rush Maltz & Steve Rodger for a wild day out on the water chasing Wahoo's with a speargun and keeping Mega Hammers at arms length. See these great photos for yourself and don't forget to checkout his show sometime!

Trying to spear a Wahoo, one of the fastest fish in the ocean is one thing but trying to spear one, retrieve and gaurd against Hammerheads is a whole nother issue.

Click here to view some incredible underwater video action and an up/close view of some big fishees

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Fishguy said...

Hmm risk my life for a few wahoos, I think I'll pass. Great story & video though

Troutdawg said...

I agree as well, though I would still love to cage it up sometime with some great whites!

Fishguy said...

Just watched that video....insane