Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carp Season in Full Swing

Wait...Carp Season has actually been in full swing for a few months now for those that Carp fish a bunch. I typically am that guy but due some Wedding Planning all Spring my time off was mostly geared towards a few weekends in the Hills Trout fishing with very little Carp action.

Now that things have slowed down and I have more weekends free guess what I'm doing any chance I get? Yep chasing some Goldens!

Most of you who keep up with Carp around Colorado have probably heard of these two guys, if not checkout their Blog and some great Carp fishing! Hopefully I can get back out again to join these guys for some Golden action around town. If you can't checkout their sites for thew latest in Carp sightings around town, or in Lee's case, monster Carp sightings!

Trevor with Fly Carpin

Depending on what the water flows do this Summer you may have to hit the Lakes, otherwise if Lakes aren't your thing and you feel the need to get out on the Platte with some fellow Homeless freinds, enjoy that's where the action has been lately if you frequent REI or drive by Sante Fe Blvd.

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Trevor Tanner said...

Been a weird spring I think CarpDawg is emerging from the den at just about the right time. May have missed a couple weeks of abnormal aggression that seemed to peter out this weekend for no good reason. It will be super interesting to see what run-off light is like on the river.

Troutdawg said...

Absolutely!!! Just in time right? After a crazy few weeks I'm getting out more for some Carpin. Chasing some 30-50lb Grassy's last weekend, fun stuff but still tough as hell! Run off will be interesting so I guess we'll see how the rivers treat us this Summer.

Casey Ryan said...

great carp man!! I need to go chase some soon.

Troutdawg said...

Casey thanks for posting and yeah, these are some Big Carp and if you can stand the countless hours trying to catch one of these Giants...it makes it all worth it!