Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christo's Arkansas River Project Delayed!

The Legal Fight Is On

Christo is delaying his plan to drape 5.9 miles of fabric over the Arkansas River as local lawsuits and federal appeals continue to plague the famous artist's grandiose project.

While confident the Bureau of Land Management's November 2011 Record of Decision will withstand several legal challenges, the Bulgarian-born artist on Tuesday announced the project's official unfurling will be delayed beyond the planned two weeks in August 2015.

"Our date for exhibition for Over The River is temporarily on hold," said Christo, who met this week with Gov. John Hickenlooper and BLM officials in Denver before rallying with supporters Tuesday in CaƱon City. "We can't have a date with all that litigation hanging over us."

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! This is just one more little man made intrusion on the Arkansas that doesn't need to happen!

Howard Levett said...

This is the best news I've heard all week. My beloved Arkansas has a temporary reprieve.

Troutdawg said...


I absolutely agree and do not want this to take place as well!! Thanks for posting

Troutdawg said...


Yes indeed, I just returned from the Arky last weekend and I can't imagine fishing there (or maybe not even being able to) with that taking place!