Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vail Valley's Eagle River Summertime Fly Fishing

The Eagle is Flying Perfect!

Summertime is here and the water is running perfect for some serious dry fly action. One area worth checking out and one of my favorites in the Vail Valley Region. The Eagle River is a popular river that runs throughout the Vail Valley and affords each angler an opportunity to catch some nice trout, meanwhile your wife or girlfriend can enjoy some activities outside of fishing...wait a second you mean she doesn't have to sit by the water in shear boredom? Nope there are plenty of activities to find for her while you get to play as much as you want on the water with Vail, Eagle, Beaver Creek and many more attractions close by.

I love to visit Vail in the Summertime and despite what you hear about all of the crowds and traffic, there are still some areas close by whether on Gore Creek or some other hidden gems close by in the hills to escape to.

Enjoy some great hatches this time of year and checkout some popular Outfitters below that will be more than happy to accommodate your visit with some instructions if needed, fishing reports or equipment to outfit yourself with. Enjoy the Eagle and look out for those rising fish!

Fly Fishing Outfitters Vail
Excellent early summer fishing conditions right now. Limited run off has the water levels on the decline,float season is done. Great Caddis hatch mid morning to noon then again at dark. Yellow Sallies /PMD's and some Red Quills coming off in the evenings. Midges/ BWO's emergers are always a good option on the Eagle this time of year. Early Terrestrial on all waters. Wade or floats on the Eagle right now! Stoneflies are moving around much earlier this year as well. Best fishing is mid day from about 10am to 7 pm.
Hot Flies on the Eagle River:

DRIES: Para. Adams (#14-16) Extended Body PMD (#14-18) Parachute BWO (#16-20) Elk Hair Caddis Tan (#14-16) Tan Stimulator (#14-16) Peacock PMX (#12-16) Yellow PMX(#10-14). Black Ants (14-18) Renegade (#12-18) X2 Caddis (#14-16) NYMPHS: Dress down Caddis Olive/Tan (#14-16), Barr PMD emerger (#14-18)Pheasant Tails (#14-20) Prince Nymph (#12-16) Rainbow Warriors (#18-20) Barr Emergers (#20-22)Cravens Ju Ju Bee Midge Red or Blue (#20-22) BH Soft hackle Pheasant (#14-18) Tail Red or Green Disco Midge(#18-22) Pat's Rubber leg(#8-10)

Gore Creek Fly Fisherman
The Eagle River brings together a wealth of opportunities from early-season float fishing to year-round wade fishing. From winter nymphing with sz 22 midge patterns to blizzard like caddis hatches in early summer and then the epic emergence of Green Drakes (sz 10's & 12's!) mid-summer, there is always a trout to chase no matter what time of year.

Possibly one of the best trout rivers in the country, the Eagle has earned its reputation as a river for everybody all the time with fish eating everything from the smallest midge in the dead of winter to the largest grasshopper in August and September. The Eagle River is too low to float on the upper sections but caution is advised if floating any of the lower sections. Fish are healthy and hungry as we move into Summer. If streamer fishing is your favorite thing to do then bust out your streamer box and start stripping. Dries are doing great and we finally are seeing the emergence of our Epic caddis hatches!! Top flies to try are; 20 incher and other stones #6 - #12, eggs, medallion midge #22 - #24, jujubaetis #20 - #22, soft hackle emerger #20 - #22, biot bwo mayfly emerger #18 - #22, soft hackle bwo #20, soft hackle/ pheasant tails #14 - #20, rainbow warriors #16 - #20, zebra, red/ olive copper bobs #16 - #20, electric caddis #16, barr bwo and pmd emerger #18 - #22, crystal hunchback pmd #16 - #18, biot midges #20 - #22, drowned rusty spinner #14 - #20, soft hackle and guides choice hare's ear (natural and olive) #16 - #20, formerly prince #10 - #20, merc flashback RSII #18 - #24, and don't forget about all variances of caddis patterns, dry and wet!!

Eagle clarity: 8+ unless we see a rain in the high country

Eagle fishability: 8 in the am and 9 in the pm

Eagle water temp: 64

Eagle CFS: 173 in Avon

Visit USGS for the latest river report.

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Howard Levett said...

Nice report. Couple of question. I was just keyed to Gore Creek yesterday. I'll be giving it a try soon. What's with the Eagle. It's really gotten slicker over the years. Is it rock snot?

Troutdawg said...

Bummer to hear that your car got keyed, wow! Where were you parked at? I have noticed that as well over the last few Summers and it very well could be some Rock snot but I hope it's not. Such a gorgeous place to start having problems like that. The Pan still takes it for me for the slippery factor, get some flows in there and walk over a few rocks and pretty easy to fall in.

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