Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Denver Trout Unlimited's Annual Carp Slam on The South Platte

The Heat is On!

This Summer will definitely be one for the record books and I have a feeling that Carp fishing will be the same. With so many people getting involved now with the sport of Carp fishing, it has definitely taken over the Front Range area as one of the most desired fish species to chase right now!

One group that is helping with not only Carp fishing but also most notably, helping with improvements on our very own South Platte River. The Denver Trout Unlimited Org has been been working with many agencies to help with improvements as well as important fundraising efforts such as the Carp Slam. DTU has also worked with the City and County of Denver and the Greenway Foundation on a South Platte Restoration plan, committing $25,000 to the project which is still in the design phase. Ultimately, at least $4 million will be spent to improve several miles of the Urban South Platte.

For those that still think that Carp aren't worthy to have a fly presented to, you may want to try this before you past judgement. I have transformed many a fisherman and still find these fish some of the hardest freshwater fish to catch!

I've been fortunate enough to spend close to 20+ days out Carpin each year, that probably pales in comparison to many of my Carp addicts but seeing how I just got married, my days have been a little limited. One thing for certain is that regardless of how many times you spend out chasing Goldens, you learn something new everytime. Sometimes you can land 5-10 Carp on a good day and many times you can go 5-10 trips out without landing one!

One thing is for certain, Carp fishing in the State of Colorado would have never taken off if it was not for the group who became proactive in restoring the South Platte River in Denver by way of the Annual Denver Carp Slam. I was lucky to have been involved with this great group of guys in the planning of the Carp Slam back when I was the Activities Director for Denver Trout Unlimited. This group has put so much effort into raising money for the South Platte Greenway Foundation. Tim "fishman" Emery has made this Annual event one worth checking out and if you can, compete in the 2 day event or if not, attend the Sat night after event party for a night out! Can't wait to hear who wins this year and maybe one of these years I'll stay in town long enough to compete again.

Good luck to my pal Trevor Tanner again in this years event, I have a feeling you'll do pretty well again this year and a trophy could be in your future!

Great Carp Video by Will Rice

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Carp Fishing said...

Oh My God! Its alluring and attractive fishes. I can not control myself seeing the pictures of my favorite carp fishes. Usually I do not want to miss any event of Carp fishing in my locality.It is my favorite hobby too. However I feel lucky to have this blog on Carp fishing and the post like these. Thanks for this Blog and the posts.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks for posting and yes, there are many Carp addicts out there and each year more and more are finding out about Goldens! Glad you enjoy our blog

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about the Carp slam and everyone carp fishing lately, looks like something I may have to check out.


Trevor Tanner said...

I will be interested to see if we have any water left by then! Love your new header picture, how did you get it to have that mirror-sheen to it?

Troutdawg said...

Yeah no kidding! Thanks I put the Carp just under the water to get a reflective look than added a slight border to it but it came out okay. Have a great trip to Oregon chasing Carp!!

Carp Fishing said...

Amazing post ! I really love this blog . This is very informative post and is fabulous and I am very interesting to avail knowledge about fishing that’s why I appreciate you for such a beautiful post please keep sharing information and thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.