Friday, May 2, 2008

The Addiction Begins Now! Welcome to The FFA Blog

Welcome to the FlyFish Addiction Blog site!

FFA has been around for sometime now, we have had many request for additional way for other fisherman to talk about their adventures, hot spots and ways they to post their big fish somewhere. Flyfishaddiction is about people like you. People who would rather fish than eat, sleep or work. Who would brave rain, snow and 100% humidity to chase that elusive fish! One thing is certain, either your boss, girlfriend or wife has had to deal with your addiction so what better place to spend your time. From trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains, Silver Salmon in Alaska, or Bonefish in the Bahamas, there is always another fish to chase.Troutdawg started this site to help others, whether it's posting your experiences about local fishing or your travels around the globe......This is the place! If you haven't been to our here and welcome to FlyFish Addiction

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