Friday, May 16, 2008

Top Fly Fishing Tips~

Top Fly Fishing Tips!

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Trust in the Loop! -- Orvis Fly Fishing

Take More Turns! -- Orvis Fly Fishing

Lift Long Lines from the Water with Ease! -- Orvis Fly Fishing

Use The Force! (Surface Tension) -- Orvis

Cross Fast Currents Safely By Wading Downstream -- Orvis

See What You Are Looking At! -- Orvis

Lubricate Your Fly Fishing Knots! -- Orvis

Better Fly Casts Into The Wind! -- Orvis

Cast Nymph & Indicator Rigs or Sink Tip Fly Lines With Ease! -- Orvis

10 o’clock to 2 o’clock? - NO! Watch the Loops -- Orvis

Always Wear A Wading Belt! -- Orvis

Don’t Rock ‘N Roll While You’re Casting! -- Orvis

Get A Grip! How to Hold Your Fly Rod -- Orvis

Fish Your Backcast -- Orvis

Safe Wading? Move like a Karate/Fencing Student -- Orvis

More Fly Casting In The Wind -- Orvis

Keep Your Fly Casting Practice Sessions Short -- Orvis

Do You See What Trout See? -- Orvis

Best Way To Use A Wading Staff -- Orvis

Where Do I Stop The Fly Rod On The Back Cast -- Orvis

I Can’t See What I’m Doing -- Orvis

Be Safe When Wading Aggressively -- Orvis

Don’t Practice Fly Casting While Yo
u’re Fly Fishing -- Orvis

Feel The Force When Your Fly Rod Is Loaded -- Orvis

Practice Sidearm Casting To Improve Your Fly Fishing -- Orvis

Always Cast To A Target -- Orvis

Walk, Don’t Run, to the River Side -- Orvis

Paste Floatants - How much is too much? -- Orvis

Tying Flies To Your Tippet -- Orvis

For Better Subtlety, Use Aerial Mends -- Orvis

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