Sunday, February 14, 2010

Denver Area Fly Fhops Get Hit By Thefts

Have You Seen This Guy, Well Now The Police Have
Recently several Denver area fly fishing shops have been robbed and now store owners are hoping to use social media sites to reel the suspect in. In all, it's estimated the thief has stolen as much as $10,000 worth of gear from seven stores in the Denver metro, as well as two stores in Pueblo.

I was in the Trout's Fly shop Friday getting my regular fix from the guys there, talk a little fishing and to send off my 4 weight Sage rod that's highly overdue for a repair. While in there a few Detectives were in there talking about the recent activities and how they were fortunate enough to catch the Denver Fly Shops Bandit!

Let me get this right, you hit all the local fly shops: Orvis (2 locations), Hook fly fishing, Trout's and than head to the Pawn shops to sell? Brilliant, I'm sure the Police and the fly shop people would never think someone would try that method...Brilliant! Sounds like someone has a drug problem and needs those brain cells back is what I think.

Video Link of the Bandit Here

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Rob said...

I've heard about this story and it saddens me that someone would make off with that much stuff. I sincerely hope they catch the guy.

Fishguy said...

It's tough to hear that happen to local fly shops, especially with many of them struggling lately in this economy. Glad they caught that moron

Troutdawg said...

What an idiot indeed and it was just a matter of time before they caught him. Just hard to believe that he hit so many in his backyard since he's from Boulder and a member of a casting club there, very strange