Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top Fly Fishing Magazines..What's Your Pleasure

Can You Ever Really Have Enough Fishing Magazines?

With Winter here so are the doldrums with staying inside and not being able to fish as much. What's the next best thing, well you can daydream at work about it, watch a few fishing videos...or do what I do and subscribe to every fishing magazine known to man. To get me updated on what's new in the industry or daydreaming about possible destinations, these are my escapes. Is print dead? Perhaps yes to some skeptics, to me absolutely not!

Here are just a few to check out
Chasing Silver

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Fishguy said...

Between reading my Florida mags and western mags to keep up with you trout folks, I too can never have enough to read

CoreyK said...

More mags out there than I realized! No Drake?

Troutdawg said...

Yeah no kidding! Sorry about that, forgot to list a few due to my laptop crashing recently and posting this very late the other night. A few other buddies reminded me of a few extra's as well.

This is why I doubt I'll ever do a "Top fly fishing blog's list" too many good ones to list and remember. Thanks