Monday, February 8, 2010

Saltwater Fishing Early Spring In The Florida Keys

Is It Time Yet?

Saltwater is on the brain 365 days a year and I must heed the warning signs and escape to warmer climates. How many Salt trips do I get again this year? That's the important question and until I get the guy's lined up for some planning, it may be a bit longer than I hoped. All I know is that my boy Dave has 3 trips planned to the Florida Keys between now and June so that's three more than I have so time to get a move on. Colin leaves next week for some fun in the Sun down there as well! I may have to change some obligations around and join them if I can....that's way too may trips for one guy to enjoy on his own.

The Spring (Mid February, March & April)
With the Blue skies, warming water and hungry fish, it's time to go! Some years it’s warmer and others a bit cool, but the fish always feel the change. Everything seems to come alive – it’s spring. With a wild cold season so far, I hope the fishing picks up some and bounces back from what had happened a few weeks back.

Fishing the Keys: This is often a wonderful time to fish the Keys as cold fronts began to loose their severity. The permit fishing is at its peak, until the fish move offshore to spawn in the first half of April. This can also be some of the best tarpon fishing of the year, especially for truly large resident fish many larger than 100lbs. Bonefish are also a target, although they often take a back seat to the permit and tarpon.

In the Everglades: Redfish and snook are excellent targets in Florida Bay. Tarpon also make a strong showing during this time of the year as the weather moderates and spring takes hold. Some of the earliest tarpon will make their appearance here in some of the many secluded basins.

Also for inshore and offshore fishing
FEB Sailfish, kingfish, large blackfin and amberjack abound. On "cold" nights, shrimp run through channels on outgoing tide can be targeted. Permit fishing is increasingly getting better and better. Bonefish are abundant depending on the weather changes and timing of course. Sharks and barracuda abundant regardless of the weather so brung the big stuff and catch a few sharks as well.

March Tuna and amberjack increase; dolphin and wahoo begin; sails and kings taper off. Bonefish, permit, tarpon in backcountry for sure. Permit fishing at it's peak. Tarpon fishing is beginning to get good with Bonefishing being reliable and good.

April:Permit leave the flats to spawn offshore. Bonefishing is good. Tarpon fishing is just getting better by the day!

For a great description of Florida's fish species, seasons and how to catch them click here for more.

For Guides to Book, here's a few: Capt Barry Hoffman, Capt Anthony, Capt Matt or my pals at Saltwater Experience.

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