Monday, April 27, 2009

Boca Grande Bound Baby!

Our Bailout Boca Trip is Almost Here!
My Saltwater Section on FFA

For those that have never Saltwater fished in Florida or better yet, Tarpon fished on a fly's the Shizzle of Fly Fishing and what most Saltwater Fly addicts aspire for. Sure a Permy is the one Ghost fish to go after but nothing is more exciting to see take a fly, jump over and over and Yes, one that get's to the boat about 2 in 10x so Good Luck!

Next week we're off to Chase a few and the 5 of us can't wait. When you have a fishaholic from Alaska, Bozeman, Atlanta and a few from Denver, you know the Silvers better watchout!

I think my 8weights, 10 weights and 12 weights should be enough for some Tarpon and a few hefty Snook! That and 4 fly boxes filled with about 150 Salt flies, hey you can never have enough flies!
saltwater on a fly

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Ken Morrow said...

good luck, fellas! i'll let ya know how things go up north of ya in a couple weeks.

Troutdawg said...

Sounds good and enjoy your trip as well! Get out of this snow and head for the beaches~