Thursday, April 23, 2009

Location X -Where's Your Hot Spot Fishing Hole?

Top Fishing Spots Reveiled.....Okay I lied, You First!

Secret Fishing Spots are always the next best thing, the problem is where are they. Oh I have a few and I'm sure you as well. One funny thing a fellow Fly Shop owner (his name was uhhh Billy Bob let's say) he told me that when asked fisherman about trading secret spots he would always ask them 1st, get their spot than say Oh I already know about that one give me another one if you want me to tell you mine. He would never know where they were but would act as if, sly Dawg you Billy Bob!

Okay here's one for you: take highway 345 North, turn left at the 1st blinking red light, go right until you see Frank's Firearms shop, drive past it until you see the 5 th gate either on the left or right side, go to the gate, call information and get Frank Feathers (owner of the Firearm shop) his number and ask for his gate code, he's a great guy but sometimes moody. It's a great spot and you'll have it all to yourself, I fished there as a kid and Loved it!

The Original Location X Spot


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