Saturday, April 25, 2009

Skwala Hatch Spring Fishing Missoula Montana

Montana Spring Fishing Reports

Spring fishing in Montana doesn't get much better than this says my Pal Martin from Missoula.
"Big grins all day in April, 2009"
Bitterroot River, between Hamilton and Darby.

The root is waking up and the skwalas are migrating. The rainbows are stacking up and starting up their spawning chanels. Nymph in the A.M. skwala, s/w worm, hares ear, red c/j.
Dry skwala with a s/w worm dropper in the P.M. Weather is hit and miss right now. Dress for anything and have fun

Today with the weather being on the wet side there were no visable hatches taking place. Checking under the rocks revealed many skwala nymphs congregating near shore preparing to emerge. The skwala hatch is close but might be delayed as the weather is predicted to be cold for the following week.

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