Friday, April 10, 2009

Top Fishing News Site..Midcurrents!

What is it about this site that keeps us coming back for more everyday?

MidCurrent provides fly fishing tips, fly fishing gear advice, videos, interviews, and the best in fly fishing writing. We are experienced anglers, guides and authors who enjoy sharing the excitement of fly fishing. On our site and in our weekly newsletter, we cover fishing flies, fly fishing rods, fly fishing reels, fly lines, trips, books, videos, techniques, and strategies. We also provide daily fly fishing news that is updated 365 days a year

They Provide Detailed Fishing Information daily so get updated on you RSS feeds! Here are just a few of their top stories lately:
Fly Fishing News
Getting Serious About Bluelining
Fly Fishing Books: DuFresne's Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan
Praying for Bass, Grieving for Trout in Arkansas
A Fly Fishing Guide On Mexican Drug Violence
Fish & Fly Aquires North American Fly Fishing Forum
Video: Fly Fishing In Iceland

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