Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fly Fish Addiction With A New Twist!

Notice a slight change in FFA's Blog and Main Website?
Yes were adapting and making a change for the better hopefully! With our website only 2 years old and Blog just over a year 1/2, we've hit close to 22,000 Hits just on our blog and still growing!!

Thanks to our daily Fishaholics keeping us on our toes and asking for more Fish info you can't get enough. Obviously with these in mind I can't get enough fish talk as well so expect more post on varying topics for the second half of the year and we still encourage others to:

Checkout our Blog for daily Fly Fishing News across the Country, Top Fishing Forum Threads and Fishing Videos

Checkout our Website which includes a Large database (searchable by google) on Fish Topics, RSS Feeds, Top Fish Sites, Previous Trips to just about everywhere you can imagine and a few decent pictures

Checkout our Fishing Forum to chat more about your trips, pictures you want to share with us and more

If we can do anything to help make your stay here more enjoyable let us's not quite as good as staying at a Holiday Inn, but close

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