Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Fish Stillwater and What Species To Target?

Stillwater fishing takes some time and effort and yet depending on the species you're after; I can bet that with a few tips, helpful links, seasonal patterns, flies of choice and some useful local knowledge, anyone can go out for a few hours or for the day and get a few fish!

The questions you have to ask yourself early on is -Do I want something small, big, easy to catch, hard to catch, keep a few to eat or catch and release purposes, do I need a boat to fish this water, fish from shore, how small/big is it, what are the regulations for that area, is this for a few hours after work, for the day or a long weekend?

barry reynolds musky http://www.flyfishaddiction.blogspot.com
Barry Reynolds with a Toothy Critter

There are always many choices to make when you want to Lake fish, or as we call it Stillwater fishing. I love to fish various stillwaters, it's almost like fishing various streams when you have different surroundings whether in state or out of state. You have to learn the set up for that waterway when ready to fish, look at how the fish are acting, what time of year is it to target specific food sources or weather conditions and what I feel is Very important is "what is the water temperature" that is one of the biggest factors on what the fish will be doing and what feeding will be taking place if any.

Why are Stillwater areas becoming so popular? Whether it's a local pond, big lake or Rez, the reason everyone is talking about them is because there are so many fish to catch....Take a look at a few species eager to bite, enough said!

Fish Species Caught in Urban Lakes To Target
Largemouth Bass
Lake Trout
Northen Pike

White Amur ( grass carp )
Channel Catfish
Rainbow Trout
Red Ear Sunfish
Smallmouth Bass

Top Bass Areas To Hit in The South
Top Fish Species in The Great Lakes
Minnesota's Top 10 Multi-Species Lakes

Bass through and through are one of the more popular fish to go after nationwide, sure there are many to target but for most states around Bass is the chatter and especially on the Fly.

Lake Carol Ann is a Favorite of ours here in the Denver area and after a few casts, a few chuckles and some ear plugs it's worth a trip! The place is open to membership but top secret to find out about so definitely ask around!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could catch more trout in lakes, hopefully I will learn one of these days.


Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.